Wednesday, September 24, 2008 Aimee Larsen 2 Comments

There's nothing more romantic than a wedding. My cousin got married outside at our aunts house. It was absolutley beautiful, simple and fun.
Awe! I'm so excited for you Lesley. It's sad how fast you've grown up. I still remember the day you were born and your Daddy came to the school to show Jeff and Jennifer the pictures of you and Lindsey. What a wonderful surprise you girls were. Without even being aware of it, I was thinking of Papaw alot on your wedding day. I don't really think about him as much as I used to. I know he was there. I know that he was looking on and was probably wishing he could grab his sword from over the door way and cut Brad's legs off... Nah...I think he would have been proud. I know I am. So, I hope that your marriage brings you so many beautiful memories and that you two stay love birds forever. Don't ever forget, God puts us together as we are and we don't change, life changes, you just have to always remember who you loved the day you were married.


  1. She made an beauitful Bride!
    Good pics, what kind of camera do you have?

  2. I have a Kodak z710. It has 10x optical zoom instead of digital and the pictures come out much better. I'd love to have a professional camera! I also use my flash as little as possible. I hate it but because of that if it's dusky or dark, the images can start getting blurry.


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