Praying for Fruit

Sunday, September 28, 2008 Aimee Larsen 0 Comments

Today our Pastor made a good point. You CAN NOT sell a customer bad fruit. It may have flaws you can hide, or a dullness that can be polished or even turn the bruises in so no one sees them. After the purchase is made and the customer gets home, they still have bad fruit. I feel like my life at times is not producing or growing the best fruit. Now, when Brother Mark talks about fruit, he doesn't me the actual item that you buy at the store and eat. He's talking about the seeds you plant in your life to teach others about the ways of Christ and watching them grow. I wish I had my notes with me now because there were some great points. All in all he said it's important to be sure your fruit is growing the way Christ expects it to. To nurture it, care for it, protect it and show it's God's love; even pray for it. It's no secret that God wants the very best for us. He wants to answer our prayers. He's proven that to me once again this week. I've told myself that I have to have "FAITH". I've prayed and asked and then I've had faith. Not only does God take the worry away when you ask him too, but through faith you KNOW that He is going to take care of your needs. I do know that the scripture John 14:6 says there is no other way to our Father but through Jesus. I taught this scripture last Wednesday night to a bunch of little kids and then it was taught to me on Sunday. Amazingly, the same scripture spoke to me in two different ways. I hope that I'm living as much a Christian life as I can, I hope that I'm asking for God's help when I need it. I KNOW that' he's answering my prayers. Hey, as of Friday morning, James and I were going to have negative $50 some odd dollars in the bank. I prayed so hard that God meet our needs and once again, he exceeded what we could not do. An unexpected check arrived in the mail for almost the right amount and then another was given to us Saturday night as a gift for Evan, but guess what it was a gift for the family, too. We only needed to make it until Tuesday and then we'd be good for a week or so. Then, today, I sold $30 worth of materials that I needed to get out of my house anyway. So what was originally around a $50 whole was with barely in gas in our cars resulted in an almost $40 positive and we ended up with gas in our cars thanks to my brother repaying my husband. DEEP BREATH. I still have to buy diapers, send lunch money to school, etc but the point is. God provided and went beyond what we could do. If he can do that with such a small need. Imagine what He can do with a HUGE burden. So, my friends. If you haven't sat down and talked to your Father in awhile. I'm sure he'd love to chat with you. Keep growing your Fruit in Faith! P.S. As I'm writing this my 3 year old threw up chili on my carpet upstairs in the hallway. Yippee!

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