Make a Cape from any old dress.

Thursday, September 04, 2008 Aimee Larsen 1 Comments

For this post, "Lost and Found" has several different meanings. The first one being that when I decided to buy this old, red velvet dress from the thrift store; I didn't know that it would turn into something really pretty. I'd decided that if I were going to make children's capes to play in I would buy thrift store dresses and recycle them. They are prefect. What was once lost, has been found again and renewed. The idea came from a memory of my brother with a black sparkly cape that my mother had made out of a slinky dress. He LOVED that cape. So, I feel like I've captured a part of my childhood again that I thought was lost and now it's been found every time I see Cooper run like the wind with his really cool black spider web, sparkly cape. Every time I start to sew, I never really have a project quite laid out, planned or even designed to the fullest. I just start with scissors and a general idea. Now, I'll admit; a carefully planned project might turn out alot better but when I saw the finished product of my "Little Red Riding Hood" Cape. I instantly felt like a 6 year old girl and wanted to put it on, grab a basket and go pretending through the woods. So, that feeling of being young that I thought was lost, was found. So I really couldn't help it when I needed pictures of the cape to list on etsy to take it outside, lay it in the vines growing on our fence and shoot a picture of a lost cape that once belonged to "Little Red Riding Hood" and now had been found for some little girl to wear. I have to say, that was the fastest listing on etsy I've ever seen. I listed it, went to the ball field and came back...SOLD! I hope some little girl absolutely has a blast wearing it. I'll have to make another.

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  1. what a beautiful gift you have. loved the "lost & found" meaning.


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