A 2 year olds Work

Thursday, September 18, 2008 Aimee Larsen 0 Comments

I was walking by the window to check on Evan and saw him playing so intensly in the sandbox. I had to share this. I can only say he's my little two year old for two more days. He'll be turning 3! :( I don't like it at all that my babies are growing up.

We had his birthday party at play school today and he wore his little birthday crown home and has played in it all afternoon. Now he's pooped from all his playing today and is enjoying a bit of his Cookie Cake. I hope that he does stay so sweet and innocent for a long time. At least God can give me that. He keeps bringing me his tiny plate and asking for more cake. I should just go ahead and give him a big ol'sloppy piece but James told me to save him some and Cooper will want a bite.

Well, I just love these little boys. Evan is my little busy boy. He's always playing and never wants to stop. He loves the outdoors, the sandbox, and playing in the water. He's observant and quite and he's everything

has a use in his sandbox, even my potato brush. I just love this little guys SOOO much! He's my angel.

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