Simply a Bad Teacher!

Saturday, August 16, 2008 Aimee Larsen 2 Comments

Of course I was super nervous for Cooper to go back to school this year. Last year was a nightmare. I have to tell the story... I'd had Jake at the end of Cooper's Pre-School year so he didn't get to go to the final evaluations for Kindergarten. I had to wait and take him before school started. It was my fault for not preparing him mentally for what he was about to encounter. I got to the school and we stepped into a Kindergarten room just too take a look. The teacher in there greeted us warmly and asked if we were their for evaluations. She then said I can do his evaluation so they marched over to the evaluation room and there is were my trauma started for the entire Kindergarten year. Cooper was doing perfectly fine until he realized this teacher was setting the flashcards aside when he missed one. He knew he missed them and got upset with himself. He then decided he didn't want to take the test. The teacher asked if I'd wait outside because I was getting upset with him too. Eventually they entered the hallway and she said "he was belligerent, defiant, and quite frankly violent". I think I took like two whole steps back. Those words are words I have never heard someone use about my child, nor did they describe my child. She starting asking if he was really ready for Kindergarten and that's when I was said "Whoa, what a minute!" I'd taught first grade before having Cooper, I knew he was ready for Kindergarten. I also knew he was one of the brightest kids I'd even met and I don't say that because he's mine. He really is! When I left the school, I was angry at Cooper and probably shouldn't have been in hindsight. School starts and low and behold does he not get this teacher. At open house and parent orientation, she literally blew me off. I raised my hand to speak, she pointed at me for me to ask my question and then said "oh, I forgot...." never letting me speak. That was my "awe ha" moment. It wasn't Cooper, it was HERRRR! If she treated me with so little respect, how was she treating my child. He very rarely came home with even an (S-) on his daily report for conduct (almost an "N" everyday). She really couldn't complain about his work. I even called the school bailing one day because he had been kept in from recess with his head down the whole time and didn't even know what he'd done wrong. Now, if I kid misses his most important social part of the day (which is just as important for little ones) in it's entirety, he'd better know why! A child's kindergarten year should be his best ever! Ours was a nightmare and I can't say that often enough. In the end I really didn't appreciate his teacher, she didn't EVER appreciate my child. Like my husband said, teachers should not let personality conflicts affect their students. Cooper's problem was the he knew "too much" for his teacher. She was the teacher not him. She said "he was large, and in charge" but not in her class. COME ON! As a teacher I can say, you use a child's natural ability's for the positive, not suppress them. SO THIS YEAR! has started off good. His teacher was very positive, spoke to me with respect, seems to genuinely love her students. She says out right, she doesn't yell at her students, she lets them know what she expects, and is in control of her class. I can't say that about last year. His teacher did yell, told Cooper he "wasn't a genious", had vague expectations for behaviour so children could not get it (he was 1 of many), and was always fighting for control of her class. So I'm taking a breath and praying that he has a good year. I just know he will. I love Graysville Elementary, I grew up in that school. All my old teachers are still there. They know me, my family, etc. I just LOVE Mrs. Crosby! She was my teacher in 4 and 6th grade. I struggled through school but she always saw the best in her children and told them so. I'll never forget that about her and now when I talk to her, it feels like talking to an old friend. You always worry that your child will struggle with his or her shortfalls in school but you never imagine that they'll struggle with their strengths. I'm taking a deep breath! Letting it out!


  1. Hey Aimee,

    One of my friends from my Homeschool group answered your question on her blog today...

    I hope that it helps some....

  2. I just stumbled on this post that you wrote before i was following you. I am so sorry to hear about your son's preschool year and i am so glad that he had a better year!!


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