The sweetest thing!

Saturday, August 02, 2008 Aimee Larsen 0 Comments

Well, he's not really mine but I love him so much. He really reminds me of my three boys. My husbands brother just had his much wanted baby boy. His wife Cristina came over to let their twin girls play and brought little Landon. Awe! He's just so sweet, I could eat him up. What little baby with a good clean diaper and a full tummy isn't snuggly! This little angel stole my heart. Today was the first time I got to hold him and all his little grunts sounded like a little "billy goat" just like my boys did. He's a Larsen boy, that's for sure.
When I was holding him, I looked down and saw a sight. He was laying in my arms just like a picture I have a Cooper in his scrapbook. It's just the sweetest thing to me. Oh, and I have to show you what I made for Cooper's back to school party!

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