Mircle Stain Remover

Friday, August 22, 2008 Aimee Larsen 0 Comments

I'm borrowing this from one of my favorite and newly discovered blogs! Please visit her blog...it's awesome!
And last but not least, my favorite laundry spray of all time. This stuff is magic! It's awesome on any body type or food type stain imaginable. It doesn't work for dirt or grass stains but I did manage to get out a 3 year old thousand times washed and dried chocolate stain with this stuff. This is how I keep my kids clothes looking normal. I buy the industrial spray bottle in the cleaning isle of Wal-mart for $1 that has measurements on the side. You pour in one part (the 1-1 measurement on the bottle) normal cleaning ammonia, one part liquid - you can not dilute dried powder it DOES NOT work- laundry detergent (my favorite for kid type stains is dreft but here I used tide), and fill the neck of the bottle with water and shake. Viola`. One bottle of ammonia is $1 and lasts me over 4 refills and the detergent was $6 and will make at least 4 more refills as well which makes it a ton cheaper than any other spot remover and it works so much better. Just spray on the stain and let it sit overnight and wash as normal. If you have a really tough stain don't dry your item of clothing and try it again until the stain is gone. It is totally color safe. I use it on all my gymboree. Well that ended up being really long, I'm so sorry! I have some other good laundry tips that I'll share another time. Don't want to get carpel tunnel. Have a great week!

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