Halter-Alls for a Little Girl!

Monday, August 04, 2008 Aimee Larsen 1 Comments

I just got an outfit back from Andrea that I had made for Mikael a few years ago. I'd lost the pattern for it and now I can make a new one. I've already drawn it out and cut it, now I have to cut the pieces so that I can sew them to make sure everything works correctly. This is one of my favorite things to make but you CAN NOT buy a pattern like this anywhere that I could find and anything similar I did find was about $30 because it was vintage and rare. So000, now I have my own pattern, which I made and I can't wait to make something out of it. I just know that they'll be a hit, I just wish I'd thought of it before the beginning of summer.
If you are interested in the pattern, e-mail me!

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  1. Yes please! This is just amazing and so cute!


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