Grandma's Jewelry

Tuesday, August 26, 2008 Aimee Larsen 0 Comments

Today I helped my Granny bag and tag about 100 pieces of jewelry. I'm not a hoarder or I'd have shelled out the dough for all of it. Just for fun! It was kind of cool going through her jewelry because she's got stuff from 50 years ago and all through the decades. Some was good and she gave me a small handful of pieces I'll cherish forever that are unique and me. She kept the good stuff, so the rest was mostly plastic pieces from the 80's and 90's. Pretty cool though. She has tons of beautiful pieces and the stuff we went through wasn't even the good stuff. She has more...mostly, I was in awe of the delicate stones and detailed craftsmanship of some of her prized pieces. All costume pieces and all the good ones where awesome. A few had belonged to her sister who had died when I was little and her name was Ruby. How fitting! Some pieces were my granddad's watches and small was fun. I absolutely loved it!

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