Design Your Own Diaper Bag with Appliques...I did!

Saturday, July 05, 2008 Aimee Larsen 0 Comments

I can't do anything simple when it comes to my friends. Kristin is having a little baby girl, Faith. I'm so excited for her since all I have is a house full of monster boys. This is what little Faith is getting from Aunt Aimee. I found these beautiful appliques online and just love them. I really went all out with the back of the bag too. I have two sites I think everyone that embroiders should check out. and You'll love their designs. On the back is an "In the Hoop" pocket that I made with another flower on it. I think I'e made something that Little Faith will be proud of. And if she's even nearly as cute as her big brother, this will fit her perfectly. I also did a flap closure. Yeah, it looks like a bow closure but I did a fancy bow on the flap and tacked it down so it'll look like it's been tied beautiful with a great deal of skill from a mom with her hands full but, really it just snaps closed. I love the over sized rickrack which was a pain to put on but I think it's perfect for this bag.

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