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As soon as I saw it was I like...that's what I've been asking for!!!

We have a play room with "dog house" windows. And my son has room in his bedroom closet for this...WOW OOO! He'd have a built in Chest of Drawers and think of the organization and storage. I saw this in an e-mail from Better Homes and Gardens ( I just love them).
I actually already do this one.  My youngest sons changing table IS a kitchen island.
It cost lest because it was on sale and it had TONS of storage.  His has two doors on the side and open shelving down the middle.  Throw on changing pad and add a small medicine cabinet above.  No wonder I love this stuff.  I would also love to have that $500 worth for toy car and cart.
Even though I have 3 boys, I've always wanted them to have their own kitchen sit and this would be PERFECT.  This is something I could do using kitchen cabinets.  This would be awesome for Christmas next year.
Did I mention that wall color is my NEW FAVORITE.
I've been saying for a month, I want to paint it blue, a really fun blue!
This one is going to be my project for the YEAR!
I'll probably start with the painting FIRST!
Now I'm e-mailing my husband this photo's.
Visit BHG's they ROCK!

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